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Polish Quills

Polish Quills£3.50

2.5mm Countersunk beads

2.5mm Countersunk beads£2.25  -  £3.50

CDC feathers

CDC feathers£4.95

2.0mm Countersunk beads

2.0mm Countersunk beads£2.25  -  £3.50

Wet n Dry

Wet n Dry£3.50

3.0mm Countersunk beads

3.0mm Countersunk beads£2.25  -  £3.50

Curved hook - barbless

Curved hook - barbless£3.50

French Leader

French Leader£14.00  -  £16.00

NBC Dubbing

NBC Dubbing£2.20

Emerger hook

Emerger hook£3.50

French Nymphing

French Nymphing£24.95   £15.00

Jig hook - barbless

Jig hook - barbless£3.50

Pearl Mylar

Pearl Mylar£1.75

2.5mm Slotted beads

2.5mm Slotted beads£2.75  -  £3.50

Closed Cell Foam

Closed Cell Foam£0.99



Compound Curved Hook

Compound Curved Hook£3.50

Coq de Leon

Coq de Leon£3.95

Easy-Dub brush

Easy-Dub brush£3.00

Grayling Through The Year

Grayling Through The Year£24.95   £15.00

Introduction to Tenkara vol 1

Introduction to Tenkara vol 1£19.99  -  £24.75

Shrimp Body

Shrimp Body£2.50  -  £3.25

Small Stream Trout Fishing

Small Stream Trout Fishing£19.95   £14.95

Ultra-dry Yarn

Ultra-dry Yarn£2.30

Urban Fly Fishing

Urban Fly Fishing£24.95   £15.00

3.5mm Slotted beads

3.5mm Slotted beads£2.75  -  £3.50

Coloured wire (0.14)

Coloured wire (0.14)£2.00

Coloured wire (0.18)

Coloured wire (0.18)£2.00

Discovering Tenkara vol 3

Discovering Tenkara vol 3£19.99  -  £24.72

Early Season Trout Fishing

Early Season Trout Fishing£19.95   £14.95

Nymph Selection Vol 1

Nymph Selection Vol 1£15.00

3.0mm Slotted beads

3.0mm Slotted beads£2.75  -  £3.50

4.0mm Slotted beads

4.0mm Slotted beads£2.75  -  £3.50

90 Jig Hook

90 Jig Hook£3.50

Cock Pheasant Tail

Cock Pheasant Tail£1.40

Coloured wire (0.09)

Coloured wire (0.09)£2.00

Discovering Tenkara vol 2

Discovering Tenkara vol 2£19.99  -  £24.72

Discovering Tenkara vol 2 NTSC Version

Discovering Tenkara vol 2 NTSC Version£22.45  -  £27.00

Discovering Tenkara vol 3NTSC

Discovering Tenkara vol 3NTSC£22.45

Dry Fly  Selection Vol 1

Dry Fly Selection Vol 1£15.00

Elk Hair Patch

Elk Hair Patch£3.55

English Partridge Skin

English Partridge Skin£24.95

Fish On Gift Voucher

Fish On Gift Voucher£5.00  -  £25.00



Introduction to Tenkara vol 1 NTSC Version

Introduction to Tenkara vol 1 NTSC Version£22.45  -  £27.00

Killer Bug Yarn

Killer Bug Yarn£2.30

Lead Wire

Lead Wire£1.80

Lead Wire - 50g reel

Lead Wire - 50g reel£6.00

Mole patch - natural

Mole patch - natural£1.80

Peacock Herl

Peacock Herl£1.85

Soft touch silicone

Soft touch silicone£4.95

The Complete Mayfly

The Complete Mayfly£24.95   £19.95

Uni-Thread 6/0

Uni-Thread 6/0£2.60

Uni-Thread 8/0

Uni-Thread 8/0£2.60

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Page 1 of 1:    72 Items