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Lead Wire

Lead Wire£1.95

3.5mm Countersunk beads

3.5mm Countersunk beads£2.99  -  £3.45

2.5mm Slotted beads

2.5mm Slotted beads£2.75  -  £3.50

2.0mm Countersunk beads

2.0mm Countersunk beads£2.25  -  £3.50

Dry Fly Hackles

Dry Fly Hackles£10.00  -  £12.00

French Leader

French Leader£16.00  -  £20.00

Ultra-dry Yarn

Ultra-dry Yarn£2.30  -  £14.95



Full range of Ultimate Tying Silk

Full range of Ultimate Tying Silk£39.95   £29.95

Elk Hair Patch

Elk Hair Patch£5.25   £4.85

4.0mm Slotted beads

4.0mm Slotted beads£2.75  -  £4.15


Shimmer-dub£2.20  -  £2.40

Fish On Gift Voucher

Fish On Gift Voucher£5.00  -  £25.00

3.0mm Slotted beads

3.0mm Slotted beads£2.75  -  £3.50

3.0mm Countersunk beads

3.0mm Countersunk beads£2.25  -  £3.50

Turkey Biots

Turkey Biots£3.00

Wet n Dry

Wet n Dry£3.50

2.0mm Slotted beads

2.0mm Slotted beads£2.65  -  £2.85