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Home of the River Academy series of fly fishing DVDs.
"Our aim is to take your fly fishing on rivers and streams to the next level with highly instructional and entertaining programmes"

Each DVD is aimed at improving a specific aspect of your fly fishing, featuring on location fishing as well as in depth fly tying showing all the fly patterns used and how to tie them. In addition to all this, each DVD features a short section on tackle choice helping you get the most from each method.

Presented by 6 times English national rivers champion John Tyzack AAPGAI guide and instructor, with actor Dean Andrews star of multi award winning Life on Mars and Ashes to Ashes. Each DVD promises the best in expert fly fishing techniques and relaxed, polished presentation.

In addition to our acclaimed DVDs we are currently developing our own range of products and fly tying materials.

In stock at the moment we have our own range of barbless black river hooks - dry, curved, nymph and jig - French leaders and indicators, tungsten beads and tungsten shrimp bodies, polish quills and CDC feathers - and not forgetting or Ultimate Tying Silk. Made from a high-tech fibre and manufactured specifically for fly tying, this thread allows the tying of the smallest and thinnest natural looking fly patterns without the usual breakages associated with ultra fine diameter tying threads

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NBC Dubbing Box

NBC Dubbing Box£18.00

FIPS-Mouche Gauge

FIPS-Mouche Gauge£6.50  -  £8.50

IFFA Gauge

IFFA Gauge£6.50  -  £8.50

Treatments Range Pack

Treatments Range Pack£15.90   £12.50

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Ultra-dry Yarn

Ultra-dry Yarn£2.30  -  £14.95

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