Our aim with the River Academy series of DVDs is to help fly fishers take their fishing to the next level, whether they are a still water angler looking to make a transition to river fishing or a river angler looking to hone their skills. In addition to in depth fishing sequences,each DVD features fly tying sequences for all patterns used and tackle selection advice.


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Discovering Tenkara vol 2

Discovering Tenkara vol 2£19.99  -  £24.72

Early Season Trout Fishing

Early Season Trout Fishing£19.95   £14.95

French Nymphing

French Nymphing£24.95   £15.00

Grayling Through The Year

Grayling Through The Year£24.95   £15.00

Introduction to Tenkara vol 1

Introduction to Tenkara vol 1£19.99  -  £24.75

Small Stream Trout Fishing

Small Stream Trout Fishing£19.95   £14.95

The Complete Mayfly

The Complete Mayfly£24.95   £19.95

Urban Fly Fishing

Urban Fly Fishing£24.95   £15.00


Page 1 of 1:    11 Items