Two Tone Hi-Vis Braid Indicators

Two Tone Hi-Vis Braid Indicators
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 Two Tone Hi-Vis Braid IndicatorsTwo Tone Hi-Vis Braid Indicators 
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In stock, immediate despatch



Our indicators are hand dyed and hand spliced to produce the very best in nymphing take detection. These indicators can be used at the end of a French leader or on a regular nylon tapered or furled leader. It is also possible to attach the loop ended indicators directly to the loop at the end of a fly line for increased visibility when fishing traditional methods such as down and across with nymphs or wets, upstream nymph or Czech nymph styles.

When choosing your indicator there are three factors to consider;

Connection method
Braided loops - designed for  loop to loop connection when you may wish to remove and reattach the indicator or tippet quickly and conveniently. Also perfect for attaching an indicator directly to the end of a fly line.
Micro rings - designed for a knotted connection (the same as you would for joining tippet to fly).
Loop and Ring - for those who want both options in one indicator.

- this is best for all round visibility and take detection. Also takes floatant better for methods where the indicator will be laid on the water for all or part of the drift.
Fine - slimmer throughout its main section, this indicator is best for maximum sensitivity in low, clear conditions when fishing with small flies. The best option if you fish with the indicator held off the water at range.

5 inches
- in our opinion this size is the easiest to focus on for long periods and gives the clearest visual indication of even the most delicate takes; the best option for French leader methods.
8 inches - for those who like a little extra visibility but do be aware that the extra length may slightly reduce the delicacy of presentation (especially in low and clear water).


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