Tungsten Beads and Bodies

Fish On Tungsten Beads 

Our new range of tungsten beads in slotted and countersunk options.

The tungsten beads are available in packs of 25 and a selection of colours and sizes which we regularly use when tying our own flies.

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2.0mm Countersunk beads

2.0mm Countersunk beads£2.25  -  £3.50

2.5mm Countersunk beads

2.5mm Countersunk beads£2.25  -  £3.50

3.0mm Countersunk beads

3.0mm Countersunk beads£2.25  -  £3.60

3.5mm Countersunk beads

3.5mm Countersunk beads£2.99  -  £3.45

4.0mm Countersunk beads

4.0mm Countersunk beads£3.30  -  £3.70

2.0mm Slotted beads

2.0mm Slotted beads£2.65  -  £3.30

2.5mm Slotted beads

2.5mm Slotted beads£2.90  -  £3.50

3.0mm Slotted beads

3.0mm Slotted beads£3.05  -  £3.55

3.5mm Slotted beads

3.5mm Slotted beads£3.30  -  £4.10

4.0mm Slotted beads

4.0mm Slotted beads£3.65  -  £4.50

Shrimp Body

Shrimp Body£2.00  -  £2.60

Tungsten Bead Selections

Tungsten Bead Selections£70.00  -  £75.00


Page 1 of 1:    16 Items

Fish On range of tungsten beads - countersunk and slotted