Fish On Ultimate Tying Silk

Fish On Ultimate Tying Silk
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Brand:  Fish On


In stock, immediate despatch  

In stock, immediate despatch

Due to the strength of Ultimate Tying Silk it is recommended to only use ceramic bobbin holders. The thread can only be cut when under tension and we recommend the use of a craft blade or second best scissors as long term use may blunt your best scissors.



Individually packed fly tying silk.

Ultimate Tying Silk is a multi strand material making it easy to split for dubbing loops but it is spooled with the optimum number of twists per metre making sure the thread won’t separate unless required. It was created to allow the tying of very small and thin natural looking fly patterns without the inconvenience of thread breakages associated with fine diameter threads.

The extra tension afforded by the thread’s strength means more resilient flies and no need to use varnish on your whip finish; a whip finish can be pulled extra tight and won’t come undone. UTS can be spun tight to give an incredibly thin profile that will disappear into the fly’s dressing – this is particularly useful on tiny parachute hackles.  

The silk is supplied in approximately 50m lengths on a standard size spool 




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