French Leader

French Leader
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In stock, immediate despatch  

In stock, immediate despatch


Our French leaders are widely regarded as the best available and were developed following years of research and experimentation. All the leaders are hand tied using high quality nylon monofilament. After tying each leader is chemically treated to increase suppleness resulting in accurate easy-casting leaders less prone to tangles or kinking.

French leaders are available in brown or clear, and in several different tapers to suit a wide range of conditions.



Suitable for casting on the widest range of rods and a great place to start if you're new to this style of fishing. A great “all round” leader for long line nymphing techniques  this leader can be fished from 3m right out to 8m or 9m in most situations.

LEADER LENGTH: 6.5m     FISHING LENGTH (with tippet):  up to 9m



A more aggressive taper originally designed for breezy conditions but also useful if a more positive turnover is required for example when fishing a team of flies at range. Many people prefer this leader for its easy casting experience.

LEADER LENGTH: 7m     FISHING LENGTH (with tippet): up to 10m



Based on the original "Enhanced Turnover" but very slightly elongated in the taper with a much longer running line and slightly lighter at the butt section. This leader offers all of the turnover of the "Enhanced Turnover" but with additional delicacy of presentation plus the bonus of the very long butt section for when extended range is required.

LEADER LENGTH: 9m     FISHING LENGTH (with tippet): up to 12m



The extended longer running line of the Long & Light taper, with a similarly extended and elongated front taper for super delicate presentation at extreme ranges.

LEADER LENGTH: 12m     FISHING LENGTH (with tippet): up to 15m





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